Zoe Grey is between jobs, between boyfriends, and between crises. Things seem to be looking up. Until all she’s looking at is trouble.

Before she knows it, witnessing a brutal stabbing leads to a dead guy in her living room and then a target on her back. Of course, Zoe isn’t one to take these things lying down. Soon she’s on the hunt for answers.

But things are never that easy. Zoe lands herself smack in the middle
of Detective Ellmann’s homicide investigation, becoming the only suspect. Complicating things further is the mutual attraction between her and Ellmann.

Now Zoe must stay ahead of those who want her dead and chase down her answers while working around Ellmann. As her determination to find justice for an innocent victim drives her on, she can feel the heat from the bullets flying in her direction. No stranger to trouble, Zoe just might find herself in over her head this time.