Welcome to the high pressure world of the professional kitchen. Gary Pansey has become the face of the culinary world. He’s everywhere with his TV shows, cookbooks and A list celebrity events. He’s sexier than Nigella, looks better naked than Jamie Oliver, and can still teach Delia a thing or two about cooking eggs.

Read about his journey from shy schoolboy (‘Can’t you cook something that goes with this Scotch?’ his Mam asks) and how he was whipped up into shape by sadistic, brooding mentor Jake (‘In Dedbridge you have to drive the wrong way up one-way streets, you get pulled over if you don’t’).

Long hours in hot kitchens lead to steamy sessions in the bedroom, it all pays off for young Gary. Why is he one of the lucky ones? It’s difficult to get out of Dedbridge with a police escort, how did he manage it with just a spatula?

Hell in the Kitchen is a satirical peek into the restaurant world and its celebrity chefs.

Contains adult language and cake. Food is love, after all.