Understudy by Denise Kim Wy

Adam Wharton died on his birthday, and to make things worse, Kat feels partially responsible for it. But when Adam suddenly appears in the woods, she starts to wonder if she has finally lost her sanity – which she realize is a small price to pay if it meant spending more time with him. And if that’s not enough, Eric, Adam’s identical twin brother enters the picture, throwing Kat’s already dysfunctional life out of balance.

Eric has a dark secret himself and going home to a place where everybody seems to hate him doesn’t make things any easier. But Adam’s death forces him to do so, and as strange as it may sound, he feels it’s his duty to take care of Kat. That is, if she even allows him to get near her. Because for some reason unknown to Eric, Kate hates him with burning passion.

Understudy is a YA fiction novel dealing about two young people’s struggle to let go of the past and forgiving oneself. It’s a love story that transcends death as the living tries to cope with the uncertainties of life and the challenges of living it.