Two realms collide in this epic introduction of Dragon Wars: A Dragon Novella. Bryce, has always believed himself to be average with one slight exception: he’s a genius. He doesn’t think this makes him special. At times he feels like a social out-cast. Yet he could do anything he puts his mind to, except talk to his neighbor, Ziora. The exceedingly pretty cheerleader captivates him, and ties his tongue in knots. By a convienient twist of fate Bryce is assigned to help Ziora with her final assignment for English.

Bryce dares to be cautiously optimistic until he starts receiving anonymous emails warning that his life is in danger. At first he thinks it is a fellow classmate playing a prank on him, but he quickly finds out that it isn’t. Bryce processes the gravity of the situation, but then he is attacked at school by a stranger. A figure that is glowing red at the arms that shoots fire balls from his hands.

Bryce hopes that this is all a bad dream, but soon realizes that it isn’t. What he is told is the ‘truth’ is beyond even his elevated comprehension. Now he must learn about a place he doesn’t even know about, and try to save the world that he knows and loves