This is long awaited Sequel to Abduction, a novel of pure, non-stop page-turning action. After a year of silence, life seemed to have settle down for the people of Pittown. John had retired as Police Chief and Trisha and James were the proud parents of a set of twins. Then…a body is found at John’s cabin. Hopeing it is a victim of the spring floods, John calls his lifelong friend and new Police Chief, Leo Bart. People began to disappear again and the body count begins to climb. It doesn’t take long for the citizens of Pittown to realize that Gloria and Veronica are back for seconds. They are set on seeing to it that those responsible for not only their demise, but also the death of Ronnie’s father, pay in blood. Who blood matters little to this pair of killers. With non-stop action and thrills and kills, the chase is on once again.Who will survive this round of murder and deceit? How many lives will be lost before the killing spree ends? $!5.00 print/ $4.00 e-book