This is Angie’s story-a country singer in a redneck bar,from a rural town in Pa. She lives in Maggie’s house,a sweet elderly lady who is very protective of Angie.
She travels to Philadelphia to meet her brother. He co- owns an art gallery, she meets his partner,a handsome man,Peter a “Kelly”- and a wealthy surgeon. He convinces her to marry him. Her husband soon becomes abusive,when Angie tries to leave,his grip on her gets tighter.
After a heart attack,they move back to her hometown,where he takes a less stressful job in the local hospital.Angie meets her high school sweetheart Jack and falls for him again. They get involved with drugs, Angie’s way out of her depression. Jack encourages her to leave Peter. She tries, but Peter will not let her go.
This is an exciting book with many twists. Does Angie survive? Only the reader can find out. It has a riveting surprise ending.