This book is about the dream sequence from beyond what’s in the soul of the mind. Somehow, each of us have dreams whether nightmares or good dreams. Think about it dreams are a purpose, the inner you past,present or future. But when or where each part comes to us of visions, or symbols to that trepidation which can trouble or trounce. To think of dreams as some distant distraction of the cast in some locked room stowed away as the cast of connection or compromise either to celebrate or commend common in all complete aspects. Dreams the ability to which to challenge,achieve or accomplish often bargains to begin with on some highway you concede or perform to execute. And that friends is those of which find the way down the feathery isles of life’s storms to the ends of the dreamcatcher becomes the perspired ideals of the idealist and visionary both ordinary and approves to bring to the realists. The perpetual spirit in body of the eyes of the beholder of the world of the dreamcatcher now the seeker to bring forth regulates stows rejuvenated . The vagary valiant now gainly and and oft ruthless world you may or may not suffer trials and the guessing kind. The life of the surpassing dreams now swerve wrought your sympathy, dreams of worlds that supply and swelter you survive. It all surrounds you the dreamcatcher of projects to real life ambitions, both soul and mind to the swift hearts. No matter its all the super phenomenon which now will pinch exceptional the gullet of wheels of life turning sudden abrupt points, now to dreams that persuade you through the minds of petitions. Simple, dreams are the creative spirit expressed within each and everyone of us individually or groups or coupled telling or speaking to us one on one, the expression part of you, the telling part all about you or who you are.