The PulpWork Christmas Special 2013

Four tales of yuletide murder and mayhem from the mighty pens of Josh Reynolds, Russ Anderson Jr, Percival Constantine, and Joel Jenkins.

The Third Death of Henry Antrim: Royal Occultist Charles St. Cyprian and his companion-in-arms, the lovely, gun-toting, and slightly bloodthirsty Ebe Gallowglass, discover murder most foul, a holy relic in the form of a Colt .45 pistol, and an evil sprung up from the wildlands of the weird west.

The Wild Hunt: When the vulpine changeling Asami encounters a restless spirit wandering the icy slopes of Kurodake, Japanese legend clashes with Norse mythology and she finds herself caught up in the midst of a mythic hunt.

Malcom Destroys Christmas: A seven-year-old boy swears vengeance upon Santa Claus and the malign menace known only as Krampus decides to enlist him in a dastardly plot against Father Christmas.

The Shadow Killers: Cold-hearted assassin Monica Killingsworth finds herself the reluctant, but extremely well paid, escort of a small child and becomes the target of merciless killers, some of which she has worked with before. But Killingsworth knows a thing or three about assassination and bullets, blood, and bombs fly on Christmas day.