Thai criminals kidnap Andrew’s five-year old daughter from their home in a secure Moo Baan (Gated Community) in Bangkok, and his Thai wife blames him. After two years of heartache, it seems they have lost Jennifer for good and their happy marriage comes under so much pressure that he feels he will soon lose his wife, as well.

However, after months of steady research, he conceives an amazing plan. He studied the great long jump champions of the past, and noticed how their amazing feats attracted worldwide publicity. He discovers a new power or procedure that he can use to match or even surpass their records, which will result in worldwide publicity.

He recruits his grandson Jason, to help him prepare for this great challenge. However, he is too old for serious competition, so he enters a local UK athletics event. On the day of the competition, he uses his new technique and is so successful he soon has the whole world clamouring for information. However, things start to go wrong.

When the tremendous publicity of his long jump reaches a peak, disaster looms from a suggestion he is cheating, or taking drugs. This appears to bring Andrew’s plan to find his daughter and save his marriage to a halt. Discover how, despite Jason’s fumbling help and mistakes, he overcomes all obstacles until he is able to put into action the final stage of his amazing plan.

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