Nothing is ever as it seems. Or is it?

From literary gallant Kitty Edwards comes a fun and humorous collection of eleven short stories intended for the very displeasure of your stomach muscles. The zany outrageousness of Ames meets the subtle witticisms of Chamfort and the absurdist stylings of Minkov in an upside-down, surreal hubbub of blatant offensiveness. Side B of the Novel is unorthodox literature for the laugh-starved.

Celebrity figures from Elvis Presley to Santa Clause have personally authorized their inclusion in Side B of the Novel, making for quite possibly one of the most important books of the millennium, if not ever. Stop what you are doing right now and delve inside the mind of an opium fiend. As a bonus, for every copy of Side B of the Novel purchased, $1 will be donated to the Save Enron Foundation!

If that’s not enough, have a look at these glowing reviews:

“When I was finished with this book, I couldn’t stop clapping” – Mike Tyson

“Five stars” – Roger Ebert (in a parallel universe)

“10/10. It’s okay” – IGN

“Refresh the world” – Pepsi

Table of contents:

A Communist Invasion
On Christmas Eve, a downtrodden man’s life changes when he meets a home invader.

Order and Chaos
Twins who don’t get along bide their time in a restaurant. But reality isn’t what it appears.

Unfortunate Circumstances
Set during World War 2, an Italian soldier with a dream of being a ballet dancer abandons his regiment and tries to flee through a Libyan desert.

I, Koala Whisperer
A former convict and Australian wildlife host stalks a figure from the past, spouting claims of a vast conspiracy involving koalas.

Covert Matters
In a time of paranoia, a secret agent boards a train, carrying a mysterious envelope.

The Curious Takahashis
An Edo-era Samurai warrior implores his stubborn daughter to participate in a traditional ritual.

I am not the Mummy
A journalist interviews a Mummy, who also happens to be a notorious, washed-up celebrity seeking a career change and a public pardon.

Tardy the Man Pony and the Wonders of Life
After giving his son a Tardy the Man Pony toy, an argumentative father heedlessly opens up a new world.

Stop Fondling Horses
God is discovered living in a village in Wales by a documentary team.

Nature’s Envy
A neurotic, elderly man investigates strange sounds emanating from a mountain beside his home.

The Last Concert
The promise of an alien base unveiling before a restless crowd leads to something quite unexpected. An idol returns for his final adieu.

About the author: Kitty Edwards is the new voice of the hood, a street rapper from the ghettos of East Philadelphia who sings about cats. Besides having tagged numerous alleys with her renowned feline limericks, this is her first actual novel, and she hopes to get enough sales so she can start an orphanage to foster little rappers for a new generation. Please support the unheard voices. And while you’re at it, buy yourself a cat, too. And another copy of this book to keep as a spare. $4.99