I want you to think of Christmas and gingerbread the moist and the flavoring of all you dream about. Embrace your whimsical side at Christmas to take a resting sleep and dreams sweetened. Let your dreams be the centerpiece of life and to opening doors. Find a gingerbread house to fit your taste and skill level. This book is about what you dream dancing in your dreams of imagining what is beyond the rainbows. Think of a land far away of where decorating includes Christmas Ornaments, Crafts, Holiday Music, Christmas Cards, Santa Costumes all from Gingerbread Island. Think of the sweetest tastes of delicious desserts, cookies, cakes, pies, loaves of bread, and candy you could of never seen before and so much of it. Think of the little people and Gingerbread Island as such a place where traditions come complete in surprises. On Gingerbread Island there are joys where everyday is warm and is always Christmas. Nothing ever melts on Gingerbread Island not even frosting or fudge nor candy. Everyday is just like Christmas and full of giving on Gingerbread Island.