How do you attempt to win back the heart of the girl youlove in July 1897? You tell her you are going to the Klondike. Well, you do if you are young Lars Niklasson—even though you have no real intention of joining the thousands flocking northwards, in the greatest gold rush the world will ever see. Unfortunately for Lars, his little white lie snowballs out of control, ripping him from his cosy, indulged life in New York to plunge him into an alien world of mountains, snow and ice. Surrounded by lawless desperadoes and wild, immoral women, the race is on to reach the Yukon before freeze-up, when the entire region becomes sealed off from the world and nothing can get in or out for six months! Camera in hand, to record the spectacle for his father’s photographic studio, he gains the company of a Bostonian socialite and her maid; a law student; a dance hall queen and a nun. Together they face the perils of the four thousand mile journey, each hauling their required year’s worth of supplies across the glacier covered mountains. Life and death situations become a daily occurrence on the trail to Dawson, but for those who make it that far the adventure has only just begun. Trapped on the rim of the Arctic Circle, where the fading remnants of the Wild West reign supreme, men quickly discover that all the gold in the world is worthless when there is nothing to buy, nothing to eat! Klondike kings and queens, Vikings, adventure, love, enmity and murder transform the boy into a man in a world where no one and nothing is what it seems—and where Lars’ innocent white lie leads him to stand trial for his life.

A fictionalised account based upon an amalgamation of the real people, events and conditions of the early days of the Klondike gold rush, Janis Pegrum Smith’s debut novel ‘More Than Gold’ is a meticulously researched, rollercoaster of an adventure from beginning to end. The only question that remains is—have you got what it takes to hit the trail? For More Information and to GET YOUR COPY go to or Amazon Kindle