Do you find yourself getting worked up with stress, anxiety, fear, anger or sadness? Sometimes you can pull yourself back from the brink – something will distract you or alter your viewpoint. You may not realize it but that is self-soothing. Self-soothing is one of Emotional Fitness Training’s Six Skills. Such skills are learned as we grow, but almost always need adding to, improving, or strengthening.

Katherine Gordy Levine’s accessible, easy but proven Emotional Fitness Training® exercises can help you take control your negative feelings before they control you.

This eBook, which is part of the ‘An Emotional Fitness Training® Program’ series, provides over twenty exercises that will keep you calm and in control.

Katherine Gordy Levine is a licensed therapist, former professor, and director of mental health crisis teams. She has helped thousands learn how to self-sooth and improve their emotional fitness.