Chasing The Dragon

Your hairs stand on end. Fear grips your entire body. This Riker is a wild card, a loose cannon. Definitely not a cop, even the crazy ones won’t go to extremes like this. No, this guy’s a mean bastard and you know if you make a wrong move, he won’t hesitate to kill you nice and slow. He’s a maniac.

Brenda McKenzie is a single mother working double-shifts as a waitress and struggling to make ends meet. But Brenda’s life gets turned upside down when her teenage daughter, Alyssa, runs away with Ryan Cunningham, her heroin-dealing boyfriend. With the police providing no assistance, Brenda feels all hope is lost. Until the day a strange man offers his help.

His name is Riker Stone and he has a monster lurking inside him–literally. Riker’s quest will lead him to Ryan as well as the people who support him. And in his search for revenge, Riker will leave a trail of bodies.

From Percival Constantine, the author of Fallen, comes a bloodspilling, ultraviolent tale of vengeance and horror in a fusion of splatterpunk and noir.