An Ancient Manuscript spells Death for all who come into Contact…

Andrew Carlish inherits a manuscript written by his ancestor Charles Darwin, who never published it because of the dynamic and provocative content. Before 35-year old Andrew and his young brother Joey can publish the document, there is opposition from established religions worldwide.

Fanatical religious sects and holy leaders agree its publication would be disastrous for their creed and they aggressively attempt to procure the original document at any cost. Within a few days, they violently murder editors and friends who have read the Darwin Manuscript in attempts to stop its publication.

The Mujahidin get involved and mutilate and kill an innocent woman, while two rogue CIA agents murder more people in their quest for the Darwin Manuscript. They attempt to destroy all copies of the manuscript and kill everybody who has seen it!

Andrew served 5-years with the SAS Regiment and he needs all his skill and experience to combat the enemy as they close in on his cousin Bertie’s moated farmhouse in the Malvern Hills.

They come under vicious attack from numerous killers who are determined to find and destroy them and the original manuscript.

This powerful novel, from Brian Hunt author of the Bestseller ‘Michael’s Irish Magic’, moves furiously through the streets of London and the country lanes of England. It also includes action from The White House, The Vatican, The Presidential Palace in Tehran, CIA Headquarter, and Lambeth Palace in London.
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