Alabama Raising is a total new Idea in my work of writing. I write this assuring you that all names used for most part in people are fictional and made up. If they are any persons of these names, I do this not knowing or being aware of any such persons or names.I took the idea of this book with Alabama’s past history and combined it with a fictional future of a man who brings the past legacy and future together with a new vision of Alabama.I did this book because Alabama is often forgotten about for the beauty of it and history. Because most think Alabama is historic, many think of my home state as being the same and not having ever changed.But this is not true at all.Alabama has very much changed especially so since those horrors of the 1960’s and 70’s. Alabama is forgotten in tourism and beauty to see.I write this book of heart with these ideas intended to get people to see. It is a lasting legacy that I want to leave in impressions in my life. In fact Alabama is a state with friendly, loving people that welcomes anyone with open arms. Alabama is one of the most beautiful states that you will ever see in your life.Being there is just a time you will not ever want to forget or leave behind.I write this book not to bring about any old memories of hatred or bad intentions.
It is a part of me and Alabama’s history as well as America to.If not for ideas I’d not have anything to write about or for you the readers to read.