A young boy is the subject of a US Government scientist’s, cruel, secret experiment. The boy is his own, twelve year old son, Nereus. Appalled by this, his ex- professional partner, Professor Harvey, leaves laboratory life, to be with his family, at their Palm Springs mansion, taking Nereus with him to have a normal childhood, at last. When he grows up, Nereus becomes a US Marine, going on to become a member of the Elite Forces. Still kept a secret from the public, he could perform delicate, Top Secret missions, in the form of a Great White Shark. Harvey’s step-daughter, Tia, is a beautiful, popular celebrity model, living the high life. When she learns why she had always thought of Nereus as a freak, she begins to notice him for the handsome, strong human that he is, and they form a close, loving relationship. The only way that he can stop being Government property, is to tell his secret to the World, but this has its pitfalls.

A fast moving story which delivers a rich balance of action and entertainment. There is no unnecessary description, therefore, it allows the reader to use their imagination to its fullest. With some serious emotions, as well as fun and a lustful relationship between a beautiful man and woman.
You will want to keep reading!

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