A small team of archeologists embark on a mission much the same as they have done many times before. The only thing different about this expedition is that it is a matter of life or death. One member, their leader John Larson is dieing. He has a very short time to live. The cancer he has is taking over his body day by day. John knows of only one place that offers him a chance to beat this disease. Along with his fellow archeologists, his soon to be wife Sarah, and life long friend Felix, John would travel to Hell and back to find a cure. Far back in a hidden valley in the Andes mountains, John and his team will discover a secret world. A valley that has harbored a race of people not of this world. Flying moths the size of automobiles. Creatures that had the head of a rhino and the body of a zebra. The tail, the same as a scorpions was as ugly and deadly as any other scorpion. The difference being, that the stringer was two feet long. These same creatures were capable of changing into the most beautiful women any man had ever seen. A place where at a single thought, all of Rommel’s armies, trees, rivers and anything else the mind could conceive would appear. A colony of Venusians sent to earth with a single purpose. To take back with them to Venus, one of our planets most priceless natural resources. John has one chance at a cure and one to save two worlds. He must make all the right decisions or he will sentence both Earth and Venus to certain death by extinction. Befriending moth creatures and an enmity that has power beyond ones imagination is also an option John can not live without. $9.00 PB/$3.99 e-book https://www.amazon.com/author/darrelday