When Glen Kellerman and his family escape the shallow luxury of Beverly Hills and move into a gorgeous old Spanish-style mansion in the Pacific Palisades, they have no idea they’ve just bought a piece of forgotten Hollywood folklore, once owned by a forties-era B-movie actress.

But when their idyllic little reality shatters, they begin a downward spiral that leads them straight into a dire confrontation with the dark forces still lingering in their beautiful mansion by the seaside. Glen must struggle to keep everything he knows and loves from coming apart at the seams, and his quest to find answers brings him face to face with the horrific fate that befell a beautiful young Scream Queen from a bygone era.

This eerie haunted house horror/thriller travels from the seedy boulevards of 1940s Los Angeles, to the modern upscale splendor of the Pacific Palisades, and through all the dark netherworlds that lurk in between.