The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth
D. Trinidad Hunt
$4.99 Free dates June 18-19
An inspiring story of strength, spirituality, and love, The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth presents a timeless message with life-changing potential for all who embrace it.

As a group of spiritual beings from another world prepares to enter into a physical state on Earth, it is provided with a handbook for survival called The Operator’s Manual. Inscribed with the words What Does It Mean to Be a Human Being?, this reference tool will guide and instruct the students on their journey, teaching them the “Principles of Planetary Purpose.”

“Dear Earth Traveler,
This document is part of a bold new plan for the awakening of mankind and the saving of Planet Earth. Until this time there has not been a written manual containing the goals and guidelines for the planet. As a result, many human beings have lost their way in life…” Kindle Store