The diet we’ve all been waiting for. Losing weight has never been so practical! Thanks to the revolutionary 5:2 Diet Plan you can lose weight and improve your overall health simply by fasting 2 non-consecutive days of the week.

For women, this means consuming 500 calories per day, while men are able to consume 600 calories per day. The other 5 days you’re able to eat as normal! Scientific trials have shown that using this plan results in permanent long-term weight loss and a decreased risk for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease.

This cookbook begins with an introduction to the breakthrough 5:2 Diet Plan, then goes on to provide several fantastic recipes to use on your fasting days. You get to pick from a selection of delicious meals that are all quick and effortless to prepare; each specially designed to help fill you up and keep hunger at bay. Believe it or not, you can savor indulgent meals such as Blueberry Compote with Yogurt, Thai Crab Cakes, Melon-Ginger Soup, and Peaches ‘n’ Brie Quesadilla, all while fasting!

Inside the book you will also discover…

• Quick Tips to keep you on the right track
• Recipes sorted by Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for quick access
• Snacks and “Guilty Pleasures” all under 50 calories
• Yummy Meals with Calorie Counts included

By using these simple recipes, you will change your attitude towards food while watching the pounds melt away.