Risktaker (Based on a Dream, #2): Kea Alwang
Friendship, Romance, Trauma

Digging for truth is a risky business, but living without it is pointless.

Armed with an unlikely ally and a new philosophy on coping with bully drama, Chloe (aka Star) navigates life on Earth one day at a time, (not so) patiently waiting for her alternate life to kick in on any given night. But when life on Jacondor grows dicey thanks to aggressive mentors, a troubled newbie, and worsening nightmares, Star, CK, and Leada can’t leave fast enough for an assignment to planet Criterion, their utopia from years ago.

Despite a huge welcome, it isn’t long before the trio witnesses everything they thought they knew about trust, truth, and their Ethimarrow’s sanity unravel before them. Struggling to gain ground against a mysterious, vicious cult that threatens Criterion’s way of life, the team feels like little more than inept security. Are they simply off their game, or is twisted Professor Kroter breaking them from afar through old wounds and sinister new taunts? Do the heart-pounding and questionable decisions Star, CK, and Leada make come from the hearts of warriors or the fears of children?

Normally, when Star’s heart pounds, she tackles the cause with creative solutions, stun rays, or a good fight—none of which is useful for taming her pulse when an old friend causes unexpected emotions to hit her like a supernova on illegal steroids.