Off the Old Head of Kinsale

Follow the last voyage of the RMS Lusitania through the eyes of young Edmund Blessing as he sails to England on a voyage of self discovery and unexpected romance.

All over the British Empire of 1915 earnest young men are answering the call to join the Royal Army and fight the “Hun.” Fresh out of a Toronto seminary, Edmund plans to do his part by signing up to serve as an army chaplain. His weak eyes wouldn’t give him much of an advantage with a firearm, but he believes he can bring spiritual comfort to the Tommies in the trenches of France or Belgium. Sure she’ll never see him again; his Aunt Winnie has booked him passage on the R.M.S. Lusitania, swift sister to the much celebrated Mauretania. By a stroke of luck he ends up with a cabin meant for four all to himself.