I Know A U.. Who Knew A Me

Finding a sacred soul mate is probably like riding a luck against you, meeting your beseeching soul mate is ultimately like winning the unconquerable battle but falling sadly apart in a relationship is certainly like meeting the most dreadful and terrible end.

Amit and Anannya- had their childhood days spent in two different small towns of the country. Amit belong to Darbhanga (a town in the state of Bihar) and Anannya was born in Sibasagar (a small township in Assam). Guided by their parents fancies to see them settled sooner their lives, they’re conspired by destiny to land to a situation where they came face-to-face to each other in the capital of the nation. Feebly able to control their palpitating heart beats for each other, they were drawn in to the mirthful ocean of love. And as it happens with every couple they grew closer, they grew intimate and they grew inseparable.

However, all goodie moments capsule with itself the silence of a devastating impending tumult. Amit had to move to Mumbai after completion of his Masters in Business Administration (MBA), leaving behind his beloved to suffer in hands of villainous Destiny. What happened next? Was Amit able to dodge the brutal tempest of life to emerge out victorious for the ultimate love of his life? Or did they end up leaving behind a sordid tale of unfulfilled love?

Tasted in the hands of destiny, promised by impeccable trust of togetherness, and forced to spin up-and-down through the swings of the love, here is a tale of romance that is indeed – An Re-Affair Of You With The Unforgettable Love of Yours!