Fast Walkers: Kandi Kane: Kindle Store

It’s a party in New Orleans – and the dead are invited!

Rebecca is juggling two guys at the same time and doesn’t have a care in the world, but on a fateful night, when Rebecca runs into a very sick man – all that changes in an instant.

Patricia is an anchor woman for Channel 9 News. She is tired of her younger brother’s Greg’s antics and wish he would grow up a little.

When Greg is involved in a car accident, resulting in a man’s death, everything changes. Patricia finds herself in the midst of a cover up that reaches the highest levels. It’s the type of juicy story most newscasters dream of!

Jeff is sleeping around with his best friend’s girlfriend. When the dead come calling, he finds out that the girl he’s been sleeping with – has been hiding dark secrets from them all!

Repinned from Horror by Ink Press