Becoming Anorak Nid – A rude Awakening (Book Two)
Children’s Fantasy Fiction

Whoopee! Phew..the story thankfully continues in this, the 2nd in the exciting fictional children’s adventure “Becoming Anorak Nid” Series by Alix. B Macey.
Has he become Anorak Nid, or has he began to become? Is he becoming… or just beginning?
When we left Nid things were getting very strange indeed. Where had Cricket the cricket mysteriously disappeared to? What was that ribboned scroll in his inside toffee wrapper pocket of his new anorak and just who were those mysteriously vague words intended for?

If you think this is all strange enough (or absolutely boring) you haven’t even started yet! Things are really starting to get a wee bit kooky in “Becoming Anorak Nid, in a second – and why orange marmalade really isn’t his colour!”

If the dastardly Trevor the Webber has his way you wouldn’t even have read the first book let alone be reading these paragraphs of information designed to get you to read the next book.

Don’t listen to the snails for starters – they haven’t got a clue.
..Oh yeah…and I suppose I ought to mention; the farmhouse garden’s animals are in trouble – grave trouble. Dr. Toise is missing, but can Nid find him in time – before it’s too late? Will he have the courage to face Trevor the Webber and this challenge alone…?
What, alone?
Yeah, alone.
What, alone – alone?
Yeah …and I mean really alone – alone. Well, at least until the earth stops standing still – CLICK!
What does that mean?
That bad tempered fairy knows – she started it. Ask her.

Bluntly; because let’s be honest who’s got time? Nid has never been brave; he has never climbed down the inside of a marmalade jar and never – in the whole world of England ever, worn a magic coat. I mean, come-on, have you?
All he has ever known is how to be dismally bullied – by that web-tac-ular fiend Trevor the Webber.
However, all of this is changing since he discovered the first of the many perplexing said scrolls (rolled up bits of paper to you and me) in his new anorak. Scrolls that have wise and powerful words in bold and CAPITAL letters. Scrolls which inadvertently uncover a dainty fairy with a very bulky social disorder – who incidentally leads him to meet head first with a great destiny, A destiny that he couldn’t have known existed in his wildest dreams.

What is he to do?

Don’t listen to the snails for starters – they haven’t got a clue. – Oh yes, sorry, silly me, I mentioned them already – and they’re not even relevant.

Little does Nid know but this incredible new coat is about to take him on a magical fantasy quest of courage and confidence…to find his inner oomph…to become Anorak Nid

Zzzzzzzzzip! Un-zzzzzzzip!

If you’re a child who has big people who live with you, and, I mean the adult variety – not very tall 10 year olds, you are going to need to blackmail them into letting you buy this book, because it is seriously bad!
That’s good isn’t it? Bad is good? I’m down with the kids y’know.
Right, bedtime, where are my slippers?