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Hi, my name is Angel – like the ones you’ve read about in the bible – except I’m far from angelic.

You see, I have cravings that cannot be denied. I want men – a lot of men. I don’t care where, when or how. Morning, noon and night – I’m ready.

But there’s a problem; I kill the men that I sleep with.

It’s not that they do anything wrong; it’s the fact that I want to be the only one.

There are a billion of other holes on this planet, but mine should be the only one getting filled.

I know that after they see me that they will be with someone else – I can’t allow that.

What is my problem you ask? I’m not entirely sure.

I think I have an inferiority complex that has morphed into something dangerous. I don’t care to try to fix it. Instead, I revel in it.

I love that my victims have no clue of the depravity that lurks behind these eyes.

None of them think a woman is capable of the things I have done – well they’re wrong.

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